Fitness tops

Are you looking for a fitness top that fits you? On our website you can buy online fitness tops for women with which you will feel so comfortable and confident that you will feel that they are your second skin.

Like all our garments, our sports bras are not only designed to be worn in the gym, but you can also create different casual looks with them.

Comfortable and quality women's fitness tops .

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Why are our fitness tops comfortable?

From Fran.Klyn Boutique we want nothing to stop you and you can achieve all your goals.
For this, we have designed these sports tops that adapt to all types of chest, which will provide maximum support when you do sports, and with which you will feel the sexiest woman on the planet.

Here are the pillars of our women's fitness tops.

Seamless fitness tops

Our sports bras from the Silhouette collection are made without seams (SEAMLESS), which gives the garment greater comfort and flexibility, allowing you greater freedom of movement when doing sports or facing your day to day.

If you're bothered by bra seams that dig into you when you're doing sports, this seamless sports top is made for you because it's so comfortable.
Our bras are tailored to detail, so they fit your body shape and you feel so comfortable you forget you're wearing them.

GYM tops with strong support

One of the strengths of our Silhouette tops is that they will hold your chest perfectly whatever activity you do.
Even if you do high-performance sports such as crossfit or running, you'll feel completely secure and free to move freely.

Non-wired, high support sports bras.

Breathable tops

And thanks to our breathable fabrics, all our tops are breathable, so whatever your favourite sport, you can practice it freely without having to worry about anything but getting the best results.

There's nothing more uncomfortable than exercising in summer and your clothes start to get soaked with sweat.

Say goodbye to this feeling and try our fitness tops whose fabric is suitable for sports at any time of the year. We are sure you will love them.

Cross back tops

The cross-back tops from our Bloom and Audace collection are very comfortable, very sexy and one of the latest trends in sports fashion.
The fabric of these fitness bras is soft, the straps are adjustable and the models in the Bloom collection have removable padding.

From Fran.Klyn Boutique we want you to feel sexy, so we offer comfortable sportswear for women with which you show your best version.

Order now and enhance your natural beauty and motivation with our sport tops.


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