Push up leggings and sports leggings

Looking for push up leggings to enhance your figure? Fran.Klyn Boutique's shaping fitness leggings highlight your buttocks without having to give up comfort while doing sports thanks to the flexibility of our fabrics.

Shaping effect, push up and maximum flexibility.

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Leggins Push up Fitness

If we had to make a ranking of the best inventions, Push Up leggings for sports would surely be among the top ten. Why shouldn't you be able to enhance your figure with comfortable and flattering clothes on a daily basis?

More and more women are looking for nice and comfortable sports leggings, both for sports and for busy days. Fran.klyn Boutique's push up leggings are the perfect addition to any look.

Thanks to its composition you will feel spectacular at any time due to its shaping effect. Forget the simple tights and without any style and take a look at our collection of leggings with push up effect where you can choose from our collection of Audace and Bloom.

Our Audace fitness tights have a V-cut waistband that will enhance your waist and highlight your buttocks thanks to the ruching at the back.

If on the other hand you are looking to accentuate your curves and highlight your buttocks, the products of the Bloom collection are perfect for you. Their design fits your figure perfectly to make you feel sexy and comfortable.

Start your day with the motivation you need with our push up shaping tights!

The push up leggings for sports that you'll want to buy

Fran.Klyn Boutique's push up leggings provide you with a soft and comfortable feel to wear at every moment. We bet on soft, breathable and flexible fabrics to get you through your daily challenges.

Our sport pants offer elasticity and resistance so you can enjoy your sports, work and leisure routine at any time.

Sports leggings that lift and enhance your buttocks

Thanks to their enhancing effect, our tights are able to slim your figure by reducing your abdomen and making you feel slim thanks to their strategically placed seams. They make your buttocks rise and slim your figure.

Show off with the 'v' ruffle design of our Audace collection!

Fran.klyn Boutique's push up leggings are the sportswear you didn't know you needed until now. Thanks to their breathable and slimming fabric they will make you feel comfortable, beautiful and stylish in your daily routine.

Push-up tights, as the name suggests, have a butt-enhancing effect, but also offer maximum support and a firmness that perfectly defines your figure.

Fran.Klyn Boutique's shaping leggings are ideal for smoothing and shaping the curves of your body, but without forgetting that they have an enhancing effect that will make you feel amazing.

You will shape your figure thanks to our garments that lift and stylize your buttocks.

Discover our catalog and find your perfect pants!

Shaping and push-up fitness tights

This type of fitness tights have two advantages that we all want to benefit from, they are shaping and have a push up effect.

In our online store you will find the right one for you to make you feel sexy, comfortable and amazing in your sport or daily routine.

Feel sexy and motivated with Fran.Klyn Boutique Women's Sportswear!