Sports sets for women

At Franklyn Boutique we have made sports sets for women that fit your body and your lifestyle, being the perfect allies to motivate you and help you achieve your goals.

Feeling comfortable and confident with yourself will help you to improve your self-esteem and therefore increase your motivation to train.

Buy your sports set for women online and don't let anything hold you back.

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Women's sports sets online shopping

Sporty setsare a great option if you like to combine your leggings with your top when going to the gym or, if you prefer, in your everyday outfits. This way, you won't have to think about what colors go best together or opt for black garments which, although they are a basic and go with everything, tend to be a bit more boring.

From Fran.klyn. Boutique we want you to be the woman you want to be, therefore, our sports sets for women fitness are suitable for any type of sport and body.
Whether you like to do yoga, crossfit or if you are more of an outdoor runner, our garments have a fabric that will adapt to your silhouette, enhancing all your beauty and feeling as comfortable as if it were a second skin.

Every woman is different, which is why we have a wide variety of outfits in our collections to suit different needs.
For example, for those who have delicate skin and can't stand seams, you can find your ideal fitness outfit in our Silhoutte collection. Seamless, pastel-coloured, fully breathable sportswear that allows you to train for hours without sweat and chafing.
Feel like showing off your curves? In our Bloom and Audace collections you will find sporty outfits that highlight your buttocks and slim your figure. The best option to look sexy and comfortable both in and out of the gym.

Women's sporty tights and top sets

In recent years, sportswear sets for women have moved out of the gym and have become part of everyday style.
In this way, women can feel comfortable and, in turn, highlight their silhouette and look attractive on different occasions.
Gone are the days when to highlight the sensuality of a woman had to wear heels or uncomfortable dresses with which you could not see the time to get home.
The latest fashion trends are betting on a sexy woman, who knows how to take advantage of herself but much more pragmatic when it comes to dressing.
In this way, there are many who have seen in sports outfits a lot of versatility when it comes to combine them and adapt them to different situations.
The possibilities are endless: You can use your women's gym outfit together with more elegant accessories such as pendants or sandals and have a look of the most fashionable and modern.
Combine your fitness sportswear with a denim or leather jacket, a rocker and alternative look.
As you have seen, even if you don't go to the gym, sportswear is a trend and fitness fashion has entered with force both on the catwalks and in the daily lives of many women.
The classic saying that to show off you have to suffer, is losing more and more strength and fashion shows us that to be beautiful you only need to be yourself.

The most beautiful short sports outfits for the summer

With the arrival of summer, we leave our long sports leggings in a drawer and visit thousands of websites to buy online short sports outfits that give less heat and, incidentally, help us to show off that nice tan we have achieved on our vacation.

At Fran.klyn. Boutique you can find short fitness sets in different colours that will allow you to run in your favourite park or by the seaside, without getting hot and sweaty thanks to the breathable fabric.
Did you know that colour influences our mood?

Choose the most summery colours for your sportswear on our website and get ready to show off your figure this summer!

What are the benefits of buying our sports sets?

The main pillar of all our clothing is comfort. We want you to be able to have sets that adapt to your movements like a second skin, so that you can have total freedom when training and achieve all your goals.
We are all beautiful and at the same time imperfect, the secret to enhance our sensuality is to know how to highlight that attractiveness that is in us and that, sometimes for comfort, we forget that it exists.
We want our outfits to remind you how sexy you are and that, with effort and perseverance, you can become the kind of woman you want to be.
If you want to join the athleisure look trend but don't want to mix and match colours, garments or styles, athleisure outfits are a perfect solution to look fashionable and amazing for any occasion.
Leave your complexes aside and feel invincible in our fitness sets.
Not sure whether to get the M or the L? On our website you will find our guide where you can see the measurements that correspond to the sizes of our garments.
Place your order and renew the sportswear in your wardrobe with Fran.Klyn Boutique fitness outfits.


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