Fitness leggings and sports tights

Feeling motivated, confident and comfortable is essential to reach your full potential in training and get better results.

Buying our Fitness leggings online is the first step to be the woman you want to be and achieve all the goals you set for yourself.

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Leggings Fitness: buy online our sports leggings for women

In our online store we have a wide variety of fitness tights, so whatever you are you will find the perfect option to enhance all the strength and natural beauty that is in you.

If you are one of those who like to feel on cloud nine when you are training, in our Silhoutte collection you will find seamless leggings that will make you feel so comfortable you will forget you are wearing them.

Feel like showing off your curves? With our Bloom and Audace collections you can show your sexiest version with push up sports leggings that enhance your buttocks and accentuate your waist.

Our product catalog of fitness tights has a wide range of colors ranging from more pastel shades to strong and cheerful colors that will be the best vitamin for your hours of training. If you were looking for bright tights, we have them too!

What are you waiting for to be your best version?

Comfortable and stylish sports leggings

Our leggings and bikers shorts are made with a special fabric that adapts to your skin and is breathable, so no matter what the challenge you set yourself or the sport you practice, your sportswear will be your best ally.

There is no more pleasant sensation than the feeling of being able to practice sport and that our clothes allow us any kind of movement. Buy our sports leggings online and discover the pleasure of training in clothes that are like a second skin.

In addition, our Fitness leggings are designed to be worn outside the gym as well. Without a doubt, they are the perfect garment to complete your everyday casual outfits, making you feel comfortable and sexy in equal parts.
If you are one of those who still dress in jeans and think that leggings are only for the gym, it's time to renew your closet and discover that, combined properly, fitness leggings are an ideal choice for an afternoon stroll or a drink with your friends.
Another stereotype that sports leggings suffer from is that they are only for women with perfect bodies.

Far from being true, this type of garment slims, firms your skin and helps to shape your figure.

GYM Leggings for sports

Buying seamless leggings is the best option for those who spend hours and hours doing their favorite sport and the seams end up bothering them.
Being in direct contact with the skin, seams can cause chafing. These seamless leggings are made as a single piece so you won't even notice you're wearing them.

Women's sports leggings that enhance curves

Curves are trendy and in Fran.Klyn. Boutique we know it. Therefore, we have collections of leggings for sports that accentuate your curves naturally, maximizing your sensuality.
This type of sports leggings with push up and shaping effect are made in such a way that they enhance your silhouette and hide those little imperfections that we all have. They highlight your buttocks, accentuate your waist and reduce your legs, a perfect combination to feel good both in and out of the gym.

The sports leggings with these features are ideal to complete your casual outfit more sporty. Bring out all your seductive power and use them for shopping, going out with your friends or even on a date.

Fitness leggings with high waist

High-waist leggings are perfect to stylize your figure without having to give up your curves.
In addition, it is a very versatile garment so you can combine them with a multitude of garments both dressy and more casual.
For example, if you combine your high-waisted leggings with a cropped you will highlight all your sensuality, in a simple and casual way.

Another great advantage is that they are ideal for any exercise such as yoga or fitness exercises. With this type of sports trousers, you don't have to worry about them coming down, you just have to enjoy your favourite activity.

From Fran.Klyn Boutique we want that when you buy your sports leggings you think they are the perfect garment for comfort and style go hand in hand.
We want to be your perfect companions both when it comes to sports, and at any time when you want to bring out your best version.

Place your order and discover how your results change, when your clothes and your attitude are different.


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